Little City Investments funds Texas real estate investors. We offer exceptionally well-secured investments backed by Texas real estate.

We help our clients invest in Texas real estate. We fund flippers, builders, landlords, and any real estate investors needing short-term financing. Our specialized knowledge and funding sources allow us to close loans in just 5 days. We love being a part of your real estate success stories and we know what it takes to succeed in our markets. We know because we’ve been there.

Borrow with Little City

We’re direct lenders, not brokers. We fill the lending gaps that banks don’t serve. We’re not submitting your loan to a group of lenders or a mysterious loan committee. When you work with Little City, you’re working with the decision makers.

Invest with Little City

We bring secured investment opportunities to private lenders who don’t have the time or desire to research property or service loans. Exceptionally well-secured mortgage loans (first liens) have historically only been available to institutional investors. We help our private investors invest in notes secured by Texas real estate without the hassles associated with landlording, construction, property research, or loan servicing.

Our investors passively earn 9% to 12% on loans secured by Texas real estate at 75% loan to value or less. We provide the reliable real estate research and loan servicing needed to match busy investors with well-secured real estate investments.

Our Founder

Our principal and founder, Kary Aycock, has been a player in Austin real estate since 2003. She’s an experienced Texas real estate broker who got her start flipping a house in central east Austin, a to-the-studs remodel, with a hard money loan. She moved on to building houses and developing multi-family and commercial properties in Austin.

Little City Investments started in 2006 as a small lender for Kary’s friends and associates in the Austin real estate community. We’ve grown to be a statewide hard money lender funding a variety of loans for Texas real estate investors.

We know what works. We get deals done. Our magic is real. We’re here to make sure our borrowers and investors win at Texas real estate.

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