San Antonio Hard Money Loans

Little City Investments makes fast hard money loans for residential and commercial real estate investors in San Antonio, Texas. We’re a direct lender offering San Antonio hard money loans based primarily on property value, not personal income, assets, or credit. We lend on purchases and refinances, rehabs and rentals, land, new construction, in the San Antonio area. Our application is super simple and we can typically close in 5 business days. We fund your deals quickly and easily so you can focus on finding more deals worth doing.


Short-term rehab and construction loans are our specialty. We base our hard money loan approvals on after-repaired value, aka ARV.


Looking to tap your equity in an investment property? We help Texas real estate investors leverage their equity quickly with cash out refinance loans.


Invest in Texas real estate without the hassle. We do detailed property research and loan servicing, you watch your money grow at 9% to 12%.

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We have our boots on the ground in Central Texas.

We have years of experience funding and developing successful real estate projects in Texas. We bring a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in fast-paced, competitive markets. We get it. We know what you’re up against. And we’re here to help you win at San Antonio real estate.

New To Hard Money?

Hard money loans, or bridge loans, work a little differently than traditional, institutional mortgages. These are private money loans that are based mostly on property value rather than your credit or income. Hard money loans do not have to comply with the same set of regulations that traditional mortgages do. This makes the loan process a lot faster and easier, but can result in higher interest rates. Hard money can be a great tool in your real estate investment toolbox, but make sure you know how it works!