Welcome to our very short hard money loan application. It only takes 10 minutes to fill out and gives us all the info we need to deliver a preliminary term sheet to you within one business day. For most of our loans, we do not require tax returns, bank statements or proof of income.

If you have general or preliminary questions, please use our Contact Form.

Filling out this application to shop for a loan is totally OK!

Applying with us won't affect your credit negatively. We only do a full credit check if you choose to move forward with the loan after receiving your term sheet.

Pre-Application Checklist

In order to make sure we’re a good fit for you, please verify the following before continuing to the loan application:

The subject property is not your homestead.

You do not currently live at the property, and you do not intend to live at the property.

The subject property is located in Texas.

We currently only provide hard money loans for properties located in or near major metro areas.

Your requested loan amount is over $150,000.

This can include rehab or construction funds.