As a broker, you’re always on the lookout for the best terms for your clients. You know that nothing beats a great relationship with a proven, direct lender. Having operated in the hard money lending space for over a decade, we understand that every deal is unique. We approach each one with an open mind and can-do attitude. By signing up to be an approved hard money loan broker you can be compensated for every closed loan you bring to us. Everybody wins!

Little City Investments Broker Program Highlights:

  • Local direct lender. We’re local to Texas and have boots on the ground in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. We understand the local landscape better than any national lender.
  • Hidden lender identity to protect your business. We can provide white-labeled application forms for your branding purposes and can remain anonymous throughout the underwriting process.
  • Quick, straight-forward terms and transparent underwriting process. We can produce term sheets quickly and identify red flags early-on.
  • Speedy approval process. Our broker approval process is super fast. Once we have all of your info and a signed agreement, we can usually approve you same-day.

Become an approved broker today! It’s easy: Just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to shortly with more details. Once approved, we’ll send you our rate sheet and loan apps so you can get started closing deals with us!

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