Houston Hard Money Loans

Little City Investments is a local hard money lender serving Houston, Texas. We provide funding for residential and commercial real estate projects, purchases and refinances. Our Houston hard money loans are based on the value of the property and not on the borrower’s personal creditworthiness. This makes us a great alternative to traditional bank financing. To ensure success, we’ve created a fast and easy process aimed at getting our customers to a quick closing.


Our hard money loans are great for fix-and-flips, rehabilitations, and new construction. We can often cover the cost of purchase, repairs, and all improvements.


Are you in need of additional cash for investments or repairs? Little City Investments can help you quickly tap into the existing equity of your Houston real estate investment.


The stable Texas real estate market allows you to collect high monthly interest on thoroughly-vetted hard money loans. We service the loans; all you can have to do is sit back and collect the interest.

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Houston-Based Hard Money Lender.

We have offices in downtown Houston. and we’re experts on Houston’s ever-changing property values. We’ve vetted hundreds of deals since 2003, and we know what it takes to win in this market. When you need a Houston lender who understands the market, look no further.

Hard Money Newbie?

When investors need money quickly or can’t get institutional financing, many look to hard money loans. These loans work a little differently than traditional mortgages. They are based mainly on property value rather than an applicant’s credit score or income. Hard money loans do not have to comply with the same set of regulations that traditional mortgages do; therefore, the loan process is much easier and quicker.

Hard money can be a great weapon in you real estate arsenal, so know how it works!