Are you having trouble securing institutional financing for your real estate deal? Do you have a great property but need to close quickly to make it work? We can help you get a hard money loan and close in three to five days.

Hard money loans are a fast, personalized alternative for borrowers unable to secure traditional bank financing for residential or commercial real estate investments. Little City’s hard money financing is provided by private individuals and our loans are primarily based on real estate value, not credit or income. You read that right, hard money lenders don’t really care about your credit.

Our short-term hard money loans are ideal for real estate investors who are getting an excellent value and plan to resell or refinance within a year. Even first time real estate investors can get a hard money loan.

How Our Hard Money Loans Work

  • Interest rates starting at 9.5%
  • 2 – 3 point origination fee
  • $350 document preparation
  • $399 processing fee
  • No prepayment penalties after 4 months
  • 12-month loan term
  • Interest-only monthly payments
  • 75% maximum loan to value (LTV)
  • $150K minimum loan amount
  • Texas properties only
  • No up-front fees! (Unless appraisal is required)

What do I need to do to get a hard money loan from Little City Investments?

  1. Get an Austin, Houston, Dallas or San Antonio-area property under contract significantly below market value or own a property with at least 35% or more in equity. We’ll evaluate the property and make you an offer for the loan based on our assessment of the market value. We lend a maximum of 75% of the market value of the property.
  2. If you’re purchasing, we’ll need a copy of the contract before we can evaluate the loan. Please don’t ask us to evaluate an investment property you don’t have under contract. If you’re refinancing, we’ll need a payoff for any existing loan(s) and a title commitment.
  3. Because our hard money loan terms are only one year, we also need to know your exit strategy, time frame and budget. Comparable sales research is welcome but we do our own due diligence. Read more about our loan requirements here. Experienced real estate investors often get preferred treatment, so if you have success stories, those can help.

Have more questions about how to get a hard money loan? Try our borrowing hard money FAQ.

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